Video blog of my Prana Journey

What is living on Prana? 

A person that lives on Prana does not rely on food anymore to nourish their body, instead they get all their nourishment from Prana (Prana is the universal life force energy that is all around us). This is also called being a Breatharian.At first it the idea of not eating and just living on Prana may seem totally crazy, but more and more people are living this way, and are demonstrating that it is not only possible to survive without food, but are thriving, healing their bodies and having tons of energy! 

If you are reading this it means that you have the potential to live on Prana too! You don’t need to be a superhuman to do this, if you feel called to this then chances are that you will be able to achieve this too with the right preparation and the right guidance.

Different levels of living on Prana

There are roughly four different levels of living on Prana:


  1. No food and also no water. This is the purest form (also called “totally dry”).
  2. Drinking water/herbal tea (no calories).
  3. Sometimes drinking a juice or smoothie (up to 500 calories/day).
  4. Maybe once or twice per week a light meal, mostly for social occasions


At the moment there are only a handful of people on earth that are living on level 1 (no water). Most breatharians function on level 3 and 4. So yes, they might take some food in the form of some juice or a meal sometimes, but they no longer need food to survive and energise their body. They take food sometimes to enjoy the taste or for the social aspect.  

Why would you want to live on Prana? What are the benefits?

More Clarity – Your mind will feel very clear, because the food and toxins in your body are not dulling you anymore.

More Stillness – You will experience a stillness in your body that wasn’t there before and it will feel incredibly peaceful

More Energy – Your energy level will go up because the energy that you used to for digestion is now available.

Less Sleep – Sleep will be reduced significantly once your body is fully integrated and toxin free. Often 3 to 4 hours sleep is enough.

Healing – Because of the reset in your body physical healing can occur. The energy that you used for digesting (bad) food is now available for the body to heal itself.

More Time – You will have so much more free time without grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, doing a number 2 etc.

More Money – It will save a lot of money but please do not let this be one of the reasons to participate

Ideal body weight – After a few months your body will reach it’s ideal weight and after that you can influence your body weight with training (fitness) and the power of the mind.

Never be hungry again – After the adaption period you will lose all cravings for food and never be hungry again.