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Stef had a deep enlightenment experience in 2015 and 2016 , which he described in his book "Emptiness and Bliss".

He is a breatharian,  living on prana to reach higher levels of purity. This has resulted in a deep connection to source and a permanent stillness within. 

He will offer this process  in 2021 for small groups of people.

He has 23 years of experience with self development and spiritual development.  

He teaches internationally the highest meditation practices: Merkaba meditation and Tummo meditation. Sometimes these are large groups.

In one to one sessions he helps people to reconnect with the Self and release traumas and old conditioning.

Please feel invited to contact Stef to discuss if and how he can help you on your  journey, or to discuss organising a workshop.

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Upcoming events

Due to the coronavirus all workshops have been postponed.

Stef's online offerings are:

* Online Merkaba meditation workshop

* Online personal healing and energy activation


* Facebook Live classes - breathwork and meditation:

    - sunday morning 8:30am UK time = 9:30 CET

    - wednesday evening 7pm UK time = 8pm CET

Contact Stef for details on these events.

Emptiness and Bliss

Stef's book "Emptiness and Bliss" is out now on Amazon!

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