What is the MerKaBa meditation

The MerKaBa is the most powerful meditation technique that I have come accross. It is a structured series of 17 specific breaths. It uses Prana breathing, mudras (hand positions) and visualisations. It is so powerful because it uses Sacred Geometry, which completely bypasses your logical mind and connects you to source. Sacred Geometry is the undelying principle of life as we know it.

We work with a shape called the Star Tetrahedron,  you can see me standing in it on the picture above. In Egypt this was recognized as a sacred symbol for divinity. Think of the pyramids of Egypt, but then more powerful (really!) So this meditation connects you to the divine aspect of you.

How does it work?

The meditation has three phases:

In phase 1 we cleanse and balance your energy field & chakras

In phase 2 we establish a full Prana breath and shift your energy centre from your solar plexus (power/ego) to your heart chakra (unconditional love)

In phase 3 we create the Merkaba energy field around you. This is a massive field: about 18 meters wide! If you are sensitive enough to energies you can really feel this field around you.

The MerKaBa field looks a bit like a flying saucer shape - see the picture above.

What it does for you

Practicing this meditation will help you to make a substantial acceleration in your spiritual development.

The effects are:

  • you still your mind 
  • you cleanse and balance your energy field and chakras
  • you balance left and right side of the brain
  • you balance your male and female energies
  • you are more grounded, deeply connected to the earth
  • you are deeply connected to your soul / higher self / universe / god
  • you will feel stronger, more into yourself somehow
  • you start to operate from your heart (love) insted from your solar plexus (power/ego)
  • you raise your frequency.
  • you activate your intuition and higher senses
  • often people have big shifts in their life after a MerKaBa workshop
  • learn how to program your merkaba energy field to protect you and manifest things into your life
  • learn how to use a MerKaBa to protect and cleanse spaces, for example your house

What is it like to stand inside the Star Tetrahedron?   Watch the Video below:

Is it difficult to learn?

It takes a bit of time  to learn the meditation (it's a bit like learning to drive a car), hence it is a  2 day workshop. But once you "get it" (and everyone does) you can do the meditation in 10 minutes. 

In the workshop I will teach you the meditation step by step, in a  relaxed and calm  pace. Anyone can learn this technique, no previous  meditation experience is needed.


This is the original Merkaba meditation from Drunvalo Mechizedek, author of the incredible "Flower of Life" books. 

I completed the Flower of Life workshop in Holland in 1998 and the Living in the Heart workshop with Drunvalo in Arizona in 2001.


“The meditation is very powerful, I would never believe how incredibly powerful it can be. Thank you Stef, not many people are able to hold the energy so well as you. It was a great experience” 



“I experienced a deep sense of peace and connection to myself, my heart, to life…. I felt incredibly safe and felt held by Stef running the group”



“A true gift of the Merkaba meditation, a light back to my path. Thank you so much Stef!”



“Amazing, words cannot describe it… life will never be the same again”



“I had a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it and it was very powerful”



“Amazing. I feel really energized and refreshed and centered within my Merkaba… I can feel the energy. Wow! A heartfelt thanks Stef for your presence and patience with me on this part of my journey. You are a great teacher, your gentle multi-sensory approach is exquisite”



“Great insight, especially to my breathing. A wonderfully moving experience. Thank you for an amazing two days, it will stay with me always”



“Stef made something amazingly profound seem simple and easy. Since this workshop I am able to direct my energetic resources in a very focused way and produce amazing results”



“There are many forms of meditation, and I have tried some including Transcedental Meditation. Merkaba is without doubt unlike any other that I have tried or read about, and for me it provides a definite sense of serene relaxation”



“Thank you Stef, I loved your gentle, non-judgmental approach. You made me feel really relaxed and able to be just me”



“Thanks for a great workshop, you were a great facilitator and showed your wealth of knowledge and experience”