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I had a deep enlightenment experience in 2015 in which I experienced the energic process of enlightenment . This is described in my book "Emptiness and Bliss" (out on Amazon). This experience led me to two things:

* Living on Prana (breatharian) - living this way resulted in more purity and a deeper connection to source and a permanent stillness within.

* Tibetan Tantra - these are the purest and highest Tibetan meditation techniques, that results in the ultimate purification, healing, bliss and a transformation of consciousness.

I offer personal healing sessions , in which I help you to reconnect with the Self and release traumas and old conditioning.

I teach Merkaba meditation and Tibetan Tantra .

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Tibetan Tantra - 10 week online course

Learn  the highest, purest and most powerful SacredTibetan  Meditation Techniques, taught in a way that is accessible for Western people. 

* Purify your energy

* Open and heal your chakras

* Heal your body

* Activate your spiritual powers

* experience physical heat and bliss in meditation

* Transform your consciousness

September group program:

* Starts on the10th of September

* 10 week online program

* Weekly video training 

* Weekly zoom calls with Stef

Emptiness and Bliss

Stef's book "Emptiness and Bliss" is out now on Amazon!

Click on the book to "Look inside" on Amazon.