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Healing Source Connection

Are you totally free of the past?

Are you totally connected to Source?

Are you completely healthy?

Are you free of stress?

Are you fully living your potential?


The Healing Source Connection can help you to answer YES to all of these questions.

I meet so many people that have been doing yoga, therapy and/or various forms of healing for years. But they are still ruled by their mind, their emotions, their past, their wounding.

Are you ready to step into your full power and let go of everything that is holding you back?

Through becoming a breatharian and living on Prana I have developed such a total source connection that I am literally nourished by source every day. All my limiting beliefs have been shattered. So I started thinking: how can I take people into such a state of total liberation? I have been thinking deeply about the following questions:

  • How can I connect people to Source in the most effective way?
  • How can I help people to remove their blocks (stored emotions, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts) in the most effective way?
  • How can I offer a process that really works in an affordable way? (lots of people can’t afford £50 per week for individual therapy or healing sessions)

The Healing Source Connection process is the answer to this.


What is The Healing Source Connection

Using a combination of guided meditations, intense breathwork, carefully selected music and most of all his total connection to source, Stef will take you on a deep journey into your Self. You will bring lots of Prana (life force energy) into your body and will start to release all the blocks, emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you disconnected from Source. 

Sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours.  We will start sitting, at some point you will lie down for at least half an hour.

In a session you may experience:

  • Deep release of emotions
  • Waves of energy running through your body
  • Bliss
  • Deep stillness

After each session you may feel:

  • Lighter, like a weight has lifted from your shoulders
  • Totally energised
  • More connected to source

What are people saying

Feedback from the first session in Czech (with 24 people!) was amazing - people were blown away!

“I have come to all your workshops in the past few years – but this was the best experience I ever had. I felt total bliss” - Eva

“I have done different forms of breathwork, but nothing was as intense as this - I never felt so much energy inside me” - Martin

"the music was amazing! I tried breathwork before but found it hard, the music and your encouragement really helped me to keep going"

“I have had a problem in my face the last year and no matter what I tried it did not go away. In the session I felt energy going to this part of my face, it started completely tingling and I could feel it healing” - Mirka (who couldn't stop smiling and laughing)

“This was the deepest experience I ever had, even more than when I went on an ayahuasca ceremony” - Petr


The more you do it the better it gets

The Healing Source Connection is meant to be practised on a regular basis, and in this way it becomes a process of total healing and transformation. It replaces the need for therapy or individual healing sessions. With the Connection there is no need to talk about your past and analyse what has happened. You will receive all the insights you need in order to heal from Source. Working in a group setting makes the process MUCH more powerful. Also group sessions means that this is affordable , and keeps it affordable for everybody.

 When you come to these sessions on a regular basis you may start to see the following changes:

  • Your body will start to heal itself
  • You will feel less stress in your body, you may lose weight and start to look younger
  • Your mind will get less active
  • You will open up to life more and more
  • Your saboteur (inner critic) will get less and less active
  • You will leave the past behind you and will be more in the now
  • Triggers will start to have less effect on you, until they disappear altogether
  • You will start to experience more stillness within
  • Your will get more and more connected to source

This is an incredible powerful process! Working in a group setting enhances the effect ENORMOUSLY! There is no need for endless talking about your past, your issues. You will start to heal your life in an accelerated way in total perfection, orchestrated by your Higher Self. A few sessions equals months of therapy or healing.


The practical bits

  • Sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • You may get very hot, so wear comfortable clothes and layers that you can take of or put on.  
  • What to bring: water, a warm blanket, a meditation cushion in you like to use your own.
  • Make sure that you come with a light or empty stomach. Don’t have a full meal before the session.


Trial session: £10

Block of 5 sessions paid in advance: £100  (just £20 per session)

I will invite you to fill out a self-assessment before and after the 5 sessions to measure what progress you make

Individual sessions: £30


When and where?


Look at my Facebook page to find weekly classes .

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