Messages from your spirit guides or angels, combined with my own intuition

I have been able to channel guides (also known as spirit guides or angels) since 1997.

I do this via the process of automatic writing (the same process that Neale Donald Walsh uses for his "conversation with God" books).

When I contact your guides I am fully present, but I can feel their energy and get into a state of hightened intuition.

In a session we look at your life situation, your guides will give you guidance (!) on what is happening for you, and options that are available. The guides will never tell you what to do, as it is your life and you have free will to decide your own path in life. But the wisdom and input from your guides can hep you to see things from a much wider perspective, and may help you to get clarity. They are always very loving and supportive, and often very funny!

In a reading I combine the input of the guides with my own intuition, and often I will help you to "ground" the input from the guides and look at how to apply this into your life.

Lots of people are curious about past lives, but it has been my experience that in 90% of the cases the issues you are dealing with stem from this life.

Sessions can take place either in my home in Ringwood, The New Forest, or via Skype.

They last for about an hour.

For Skype sessions I will ask you to send an email at least one day before the session to describe your situation and the questions you and pressure of daily life.



£50 for a single session (1 hour)




Coaching can help you to deal with situations in your life, and to move you forward.


More info to come.


Session can be held in person at my home in Ringwood (New Forest), or via Skype.



£50 per session (1 hour)



Tel : 07940 465 219


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