Energy Restoration


Treat yourself to an "energy restoration" - it's a bit like an MOT plus full service for your car. In a one hour hands on healing session I will:


  • cleanse your aura
  • remove any energy blocks
  • remove any energy that your picked up that is not yours
  • balance your chakras
  • release stress and tension
  • reconnect you to your soul


You will feel totally revived and refreshed - often people look 10 years younger after the session!

Several clients come every month - they find that it enables them to cope with the stresses and pressure of daily life.



£50 for a single session


The Emotion Code


I specialize in removing stored emotions and traumas using special magnets. The technique I used is based on The Emotion Code. It is fast, painless and permanent.


Every illness is caused by your emotions

This may seem like a bold statement, but it is completely true. How can this be? I can explain this in just three sentences:


1. If your immune system works perfectly it will

keep your body completely healthy

2. The one thing that kills your immune system is


3. All stress is caused by your stored emotions


So if you heal your emotions you will heal your body. If you can release all the emotions that you are storing inside you, your body will heal itself, you will be super healthy.


But there is more. Your stored emotions keep you locked in the past. They will keep re-creating similar experiences in your life. Memories of past events will keep occupying your mind. By releasing your emotions you are literally freeing your self from the past.


The more empty you become, the lighter you will feel. And it literally does work like this - when you release the emotions of pain, fear, anger etc, you are removing lower frequencies from your system. As a result your frequency will go up.

By emptying yourself you will literally start vibrating on a higher frequency – this is Bliss.



£75 for the first session (1.5 hours)

£50 for follow up sessions (1 hour)


Tel : 07940 465 219

Email: stefkling26@gmail.com

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